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Jaymo & Andy George Interview

Ahead of their set this saturday, we had a chance to speak with Jaymo & Andy George

How are you and how did Lost Village go at the weekend? We've heard some really good things...

We’re good, slightly tired but on such a high after Lost Village, it couldn’t have gone any better, the stars aligned and the sun shined all weekend! We’re super happy…

How did Lost Village come about? After the rave reviews from those that were there, we expect we will be seeing it back again next year?

Absolutely, we’ve just gone on sale to the tribes who attended LV last weekend and tickets are already flying - we couldn’t have been happier with the feedback and the response and truly thing it was one of the best festival crowds we’ve seen!

You guys have achieved a lot from a young age, from setting up the huge Moda Black to the hookup with Radio 1. What's it like doing so much as a pair? Have you ever had any individual projects in the past?

It’s great, you can constantly bounce ideas off each other and it generally means you have 4 pairs of hands instead of 2, meaning that you have more time working on such varied and wide ranging businesses; the festival, the record label, making music etc no 2 days are ever the same!

The likes of Hot Since 82, Eats Everything & Disclosure have all released through Moda - and we expect you receive a lot of demos. If there is an aspiring music producer reading this that would like to get their production released through the label, what advice could you give them? Is there a particular type of sound that is more likely to really grab your attention at the moment?

Don’t send anything until you are 100% totally happy with it. The best piece of advise we could give is just trying to sound unique and original. If someone else is doing what you’re doing then it’s going to be much harder to stand out and be recognised.

Are you guys always on the same level when it comes to music? Or is it a case of sometimes one of you needs to convince the other that you have something of serious potential?

There are always records that one of us might dislike but generally we’re always on the same page! Sometimes all it needs is to see it work in a certain environment and it doesn’t need and convincing at all!

Has it always been music, music, music and do you think it will always be music, music, music?

One way or another, yes!

Do you have predictions for new DJs/producers we should really be looking out for at the moment?

There’s some amazing new music coming soon on Moda Black from a super talented producer called Zeke Africa

You've played at a lot of clubs all over the world. Do you have one that particularly stands out?

We’ve had some truly amazing shows that it would be so hard to pick! Hive in Zurich is really great, and Space in Ibiza has just had so many special moments…

You used to have a residency for We Love at Space in Ibiza. We Love has moved to Sankeys this year as their event line-up continues to go from strength to strength. We know you'll be joining Doorly a few times at Sankeys for Shelter. Can we expect to see you at any other parties on the White Isle this year?

Indeed, we’re doing something with Elrow at Space and a few other bits - excited to get back on the white isle for another year!

What about festivals?

Yes of course! Our next festival trip is to Eastern Electrics which we’re really excited about…

The occasional big local festival aside, big dance music headliners in Guildford is a bit of a new thing and with such close proximity to London, we're doing our best to show fans of the music from local areas that you can now stay in Guildford to see some really top, exciting DJs. Is it really different DJing in towns compared to the usual big cities and places like Ibiza and what should the people of Guildford expect from your set on Saturday?

We come from a small city and lots of times we’re blown away as there’s pockets of brilliance all over the country - i’m sure that’ll be the same for Guildford! We think Guildford are definitely ready for you guys. Cheers J&AG! See you on Saturday!


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