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NVOY Interview

At Thirty3Hz we love nothing more then exciting & highly promising emerging artists. Headliners of Thirty3Hz presents on the 9th May 'NVOY' definitely tick that box - and never mind the next few years, we wouldn't be surprised if they broke through and became a household name by the end of the year! We interviewed them to find out a little bit more about them and what we can expect from their set.

Hi James/Conner

How are you guys and what have you been up to lately?

Hey, we’ve been living life in the studio and eating a lot of food.

James- I just got a nice pair of reebok classics yesterday.

Conner- I’m hungover.

Why NVOY? It doesn't appear to be a combo of your names like err... CONJA…

It comes from the word ‘envoy’, meaning an ambassador or emissary for a country. It’s this idea of travel and discovery that is part of the reason why we’re making music.

You've recently been reviewed as a new Disclosure in the making and they've done alright haven't they? Do you have any past or current musical inspirations?

We respect Disclosure because they write songs, not just dance music. We’re in a similar vein and it’s really nice that people understand that. We listen to a lot of hip hop, future beats, and electronic artists such as Lido, Stwo, Clams Casino, and Lone.

We like music that pulls on your heart a little bit.

Do you have any hot tips for the future of your own?

Whilk and Misky - stripped back, soulful acoustic music with minimal techno backing. Really distinct, they sit completely in their own lane. They’re onto big things.

Fwdslxsh. He’s a producer from London, part of a crew called Last Night in Paris. He’s been blowing up a bit for a while now but he’s got such a vibe and we can’t stop listening to his ‘Fall’ EP.Palace - bluesy guitar rock. Really different to our usual music so it’s kinda refreshing sometimes.

The Deep House sound continues its high perch at the top of the house music popularity tree at the moment and if your tracks were to be put into a strict category it is probably Deep House where they'd fall. Yet, there is something about the NVOY sound that is so incredibly catchy compared to the Deep House we are used to hearing. Is this intentional or purely coincidental? When 'you wake up in the morning, in the morning' it must be hard not to start singing your own creations…

There’s a lot of bad, generic house music going around at the moment. We don’t really listen to house music, we just party to it. Our main aim as producers is to draw on the emotion and sonics of more left-field electronic music and rein it into a sound which we can play out, and people can dance to. We want to bring warmth and colour to the shows we play.

If you had to sit in a box room with nothing but one track by any artist playing on loop for 33 hours, what would it be and why?

Satie - Gymnopédies 1. Lent et Douloureux. #VIBES

If there were to be a mini movie made of your lives and career so far to date, what would you choose as the backing track to it? This can be any track by any artist.

The Weekend - The Party & The Afterparty

How long does it to take to produce tracks like You Are & Sky High?

We can make a track in an afternoon but it takes time over a few weeks to come back with a clear head and decide if it’s a banger. We shape a track through a lot of sessions and if you still like it after a couple of weeks then you know it’s got potential.

What would you like to achieve in the next five years?

We’ll finally get portraits of each other tattooed on our backs.We want a little house pig and a capuchin monkey to run round while we’re making music.See you at Glasto mainstage xxx

You played a gig at Thirty3Hz before for BEAT. What are your memories from that night?

Good vibe and a passion for the music. Guildford hasn’t got a longstanding tradition for dance music so it’s nice to see Thirty3Hz pushing forward and supporting the scene.

Do you have much lined up for the summer yet?

A few shows around Europe and the UK. We’re gonna catch a lot of sun and eat BBQ.

Remixes are coming out this month of Tove Styrke, Lion Babe, and Blonde. Check our soundcloud. More releases incoming over the next few months.

What can we expect from you from your headline set at 33 for Thirty3Hz presents on the 9th May?

We’re coming down for a party, and we’re looking forward to playing in Guildford again. We’re gonna play the freshest, rudest beats you’ve ever heard, probably get really excited and dance a lot. Everyone is welcome to get smashed with us.

Thanks guys. Sounds good to us! See you next week!

Can’t wait to see you all there. Lots of love from NVOY XXXX

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