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DOORLY Interview


Hi DOORLY, thanks for letting us interview you ahead of your trip down here. Where are you and what are you up to?

I've just landed in the UK from Miami Winter Music conference and I played at Sankeys in Manchester last night. I have hired a studio for 2 days in Leeds to finish some music because on Thursday I set off on a 30 day tour that literally takes me all the way around the world hitting these places along the way:

Andorra, Malta (Annie Mac Presents Festival), Austria (Snowbombing Festival), Dubai, Shanghai, Koh Saumi (Thailand), Jakarta, Bali, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpar, London, Toronto, Denver, Detroit, San Diego, Los Angeles and of course GUILDFORD on 11th April!

Although you currently live in LA and you play sets at clubs and festivals all over the world, are we right in thinking you're actually from Yorkshire? We love Yorkshire puddings...

Yes I'm from Huddersfield but my parents now actually live in Fleet in Hampshire. Who doesn't love yorkies? (laughs)

Do you play many gigs in England these days?

I tend to just play UK shows on my way passing through or when its my own events for example my Doorly & Friends event that I do 4 times a year at Ministry of Sound. I'm based in Ibiza over the summer so whilst based in Europe I tend to be able to fit in a few more UK shows over those summer months but I tend to prefer to chase the sun to be honest... and its pretty grim here in the winter isn't it!

We're heading into spring now, do you have much lined up for this coming summer 2015? We expect it involves a fair amount of sets on a certain white isle in the Balearics?

Yep I will be back living in Ibiza for my 9th consecutive season. I will be back with my Ibiza Rocks stuff but I've also launched my own weekly party on Fridays at Sankeys called "Shelter" and I will be playing a nice spread of all the other clubs there of course. I'm also playing LOTS of festivals this summer all over Europe.

So what do you think of the current state of Ibiza? The island seems to be criticised by some as becoming too chaotic in San Antonio and too expensive everywhere else. Hasn't it always been a bit like that?

People who think that are just doing the Island wrong! Ibiza is always awesome but you need to do research and find the parties that are right for you and stay in he right place for you as well. It's all about finding your groove in Ibiza. San Antonio is chaotic but that's what some people are looking for on their Ibiza experience, there is also a whole beautiful island that doesn't involve clubs and drunk English people you just need to not follow the herd and find it. There are lots of shit EDM parties of course but there are equally as many of the best gigs you will ever go to on the planet happening every single night over the summer.

You've hit the nail on the head there. And when it comes to house music and big parties, the island still reigns supreme...

Most definitely, its where the world looks for the best parties for sure records and DJ's are made or broken on this island more than any other.

You're going to be a resident at Ibiza Rocks for another season. Is there one band or artist that's played that really stands out in all your time of being resident there?

Chic & Nile Rodgers was the best thing I think we've ever booked that was really special.

That was quite a booking. I don't think anyone ever saw that one coming! The huge track that you produced with Shadow Child 'Piano Weapon' & 'Climbin' has been one of the biggest House tracks of the past year now. How did that collaboration with Shadow Child come about?

Shadow Child and I have been friends for years, he used to perform under the name "Dave Spoon" so we played together then like 10 years ago so it was a natural thing for us to start making music together and we also have a side project called "Avec" which is us 2 plus Jake Shears (the lead singer of the scissor sisters) our second single with that project should be ready for the summer.

Since opening a year ago we've experienced some of the finest emerging young British DJ talent playing sets at the club, but now having just passed our first year, we are beginning to book and add more experienced DJs like yourself to our lineups who are already successful on the international stage. Do you have any advice to give aspiring DJs & producers hoping to make it big themselves one day?

Make some music! No matter how good you are at DJing, nobody will ever see you play on a world scale unless you break through as a producer. Use every spare moment of your life making music until you start to get really good at it. It took me 5 years of making music to break through the crust and really find my groove. Also be nice to everybody, its not hard but I reckon that it possibly the most important thing and so many people get nowhere because they are dicks and people don't want to help them out.

Sounds like sound advice to us! Is there a DJ that you think we may see making some waves this year?

Kink & Rodriguez JR are my favourites right now - they are the best live performers.

Do you have any inspirations of your own? What is it about them that has inspired you?

Cajmere has always inspired me as a producer, he's consistently made ground breaking house music for the last 15 years and also he's an incredible guy, inspiring to be around. Also kink as mentioned above, his live sets are literally mind blowing and he's inspired me to really step up my game this summer and build more of a live performance.

Thirty3Hz is an intimate venue. Intense and fun atmosphere with a cool vibe and it doesn't matter where the crowd are standing, they will always be within eye contact of the DJ. Do you play many gigs like this and do you enjoy it?

Every year at Snowbombing I played in an igloo at the top of the mountain to 100 people, last year was with Fatboy Slim, this year will be with MK, those are always fun!

What can people expect from your set at Thirty3Hz? Guildford seems perhaps a bit modest when lined up next to all the other gigs you have lined up around the world this month...

Well I've never played in Guildford before so hard to know what to expect from the crowd but i'll be bringing my usual turntablisim version of chunky house music and lets have ourselves a party shall we! Amazing. Thanks Doorly! See you on Saturday...


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